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Welcome to Glamorgan Artistic Roller Skating Club.

We are the only Artistic Roller Dance Club in the Vale of Glamorgan

If you want to Learn & Improve your skating technique........


Artistic Roller Skating is a sport for you! It can be enjoyed by everyone. This challenging and fun sport gives everyone a sense of achievement and builds confidence, it can also improve co-ordination, rhythm health and fitness!

Artistic Roller Skating can help build strong muscles and healthy bones as well as improve self confidence.

The club is open to all standards and ages, whether it is recreational skating, basic skills or working to a standard where you are able to compete in numerous  competitions which are run throughout the UK. 

Artistic Roller Skating is a similar sport to ice figure skating - many say that roller figure skating is considered to be more difficult!

Within this website you will find club information, times and venues club news and lots more.














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